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Robin Andrews Smith

Aging & Dementia Coach

Hi, I’m Robin. I would be honored for the opportunity to learn about your life.  I work quickly and specifically. I offer insight and tools relevant to your situation that can be put into immediate practice.  You will feel better!


My Story

I love human beings.

I began my career as a performer impersonating them.

I love elders. 

My first job was volunteering at a nursing home. 

I found the stories fascinating and their perspective wise.

I love to learn.

I am a self help junkie.  My relationships are my greatest teacher. 

I love to create. 

I find it utterly magical to develop and produce something valuable.

I love to inspire. 

Because it is the thing that makes me feel most alive. 

I love to transform.

Experiential learning has been the key to changing my fears about anything and everything.

My Accomplishments

How I Work


Brilliant is defined as “Extremely intelligent, highly skilled, and full of light or shining.”

Isn’t this a fabulous description of the WHO you would want to look to for love and care if you needed some? 

So… first things first.  Put yourself in the plan. The greatest gift you give anyone is doing the personal work first that enables you to show up Authentically, Purposefully, and Joyfully.  You are here, because the people you love are looking to you for stability, direction, but also, happiness.  Be brilliant. 


Human beings MUST process the lived experience of day to day life. We do this through intimate relationship with family, friends, colleagues, our animals, and occasionally the crossing of paths with a stranger. Emotional expression is an intrinsic need and powerfully expedites getting to the other side of a crisis, transition or needed change. Only when we have experienced our-self through feeling do we have the power and choice to observe and transform our own behavior and desired results.


I teach my clients how to actualize the unconditional love they desire to give.  The simple practice of trying new things will begin to clear up the muddy waters of your current problem.  Before you know it, you will feel more BRIGHT and able to cope with your feelings, manage your fears, and make proactive choice and action in the midst of anything else to come.

My Approach

When it comes to the challenges of aging or dementia, there is NO cookie-cutter approach.

I pride myself on the organic and agile nature of my work.  It is collaboration at its finest.

Appreciating the beauty and value of what my clients already know, I learn first from you.  These moments of “respite” from your grievances, allow me to leverage your own perspective and passions for change.

I work quickly and specifically offering insight, tools, and resources relevant to your situation that can be put into immediate practice so you can feel and see improvement.

I collaborate with the intention to help you feel better fast and to also equip you to meet your ongoing needs and goals.


Current Services

Monthly Unlimited~ Transitions Coaching Program

As Needed~ Quick Coach Sessions


Online Community Groups

 Caring for Partners w/ Dementia ~ Super Spouse ~ Wednesdays 10-11 am

Supporting Aging Parents ~ Growing Grown Ups  ~ Wednesdays 4-5 pm

Coaching for Older Adults ~ Be Brilliant ~ Wednesdays 1-2 pm

To register for an online group call (770) 337-8747